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Our annual Accelerant Conference is a full weekend event aimed at training and equipping the church locally and regionally. With a diversity of experienced leaders teaching us, you'll walk away encouraged and equipped. The definition of accelerant is, "a substance used to aid the spread of fire." Our hope is that you will catch the fire of God and release it back to your home environment! Click here for more.


The iMatter Foundation was formed to eradicate suicide in our region. It's mission has grown to include ending drug overdose and the opiate epidemic that has plagued our region and our nation. The iMatter Foundation runs several programs to support it's mission, including iMatter Festival, iMatter House, iMatter Assemblies, and iMatter Leadership Training Program. Check out our programs below, or see more at our website here.

Founder & President: Scott Lowmaster

Executive Director: Dave King

Festival Director: Adam Bunce


iMatter Festival

The iMatter Festival is a free concert promoting life, hope and value in our communities. It's message is simple: every life matters.

iMatter House

The first iMatter House launched in 2016 as a transitional housing program for men 18 years and over who are committed to a lifestyle of recovery and seeking a safe place to live. At least two more Houses are planned for 2018-including a women's house.

iMatter Assemblies

Since 2009, the iMatter Foundation has hosted school assemblies addressing bullying, self-harm, mental health awareness, and suicide prevention.

Leadership Training

The iMatter Leadership Training Program is designed to encourage businesses to develop an environment of passion, identity and productivity by developing a culture of honor, acknowledgement and promotion.

Senior Care

The iMatter Senior Care program offers assistance to seniors who have the added expense of protective undergarments. For more information please contact Andrew and Joanne foster at

We serve our region intentionally, passionately and with excellence. We impact our region by empowering people everywhere.


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